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The most important things for children to know about themselves

We help children to discover their uniqueness 
by finding their true selves.  Become more self-aware, find joy, and look towards a bright future.
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Why do you need to know this?

Our children are of utmost importance to us. We want the best for them, but it’s not always easy to make it happen in a world full of distractions. It’s hard for children to know who they really are and that they are unique. It’s easy to get lost in the ideas about them and hard to be self-aware while they grow up. It takes a lifetime to understand this wrong belief about ourselves which has roots in our childhood. It’s so true that what has been told about us when we were a child, becomes our reality. This book has been written for the sake of all of our little ones. To lead them to have a deeper understanding of themselves, and to help them not compare themselves to anyone. This book is a gift for all children, who have unique gifts and talents.

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why we need it

About Cato

Cato is a small boy who wants to know who he really is. He has conversations with animals and observes what he hears from them. Every conversation is a glimpse into his thoughts about who he is and what he is able to do. 

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He looks at life in a curious way and he looks at things with wonder. He is aware that he should be alive. He thinks deeply and decides wisely. He is open-minded to change. He is joyful inwardly and happy outwardly. There is no hatred in him, so he is friendly.

about cato
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Niet alleen de illustraties zijn prachtig, maar ook de boodschappen die je aan de jonge lezer meegeeft, zoals het hebben van een eigen wil en dat schoonheid van binnenuit komt. En terwijl Cato naar zijn spiegelbeeld in het water staart, komt hij achter de belangrijkste boodschap van allemaal. Ik weet zeker dat elke jonge lezer na dit boek prachtige dromen zal hebben over spreeuwen, vuurvliegjes en goudvissen!

Een boek naar mijn hart. Eenvoudig begrijpbaar maar o zo essentieel.

Voor kleine én grote mensen een aanrader

This is a delightful book about discovering who you are in the midst of the world that you’ve been placed in. It is an excellent tool for helping children learn about the gifts that they have to offer in the community and life.


Nathalie Willems
Professional Pollinator - Rocket Launcher - Awareness Activist

Barbara Swanson

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