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Workshop series content

The workshop series contains four workshops that start with reading parts of the book and continue with fun and enjoyable paper activities, crafts, and much more. 


Age group

6 - 9 years old







Finding your true self workshop 

Overview result in four days

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Overcoming fear and becoming curious by questioning  

Aware&Alive_Img-CatoStories-workshop – 1.png


Becoming aware, Finding the gifts and how to shine

Thoughtful&Wise_Img-CatoStories-workshop – 1.png


Replacing negative thoughts with beautiful thoughts and, becoming thoughtful

Open-minded_Img-CatoStories-workshop – 1.png


Becoming open to change and removing doubt. breathing practice and, feeling alive.

Joyful&Happy_Img-CatoStories-workshop – 1.png


Find joy and happiness by knowing their uniqueness in the world

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Why do our children need this? 

Our children are the most important to us and what the future looks like. We want the best for them but it's not easy to make it happen. It's easy to get lost in the wrong beliefs about themselves and have to be self-aware while growing up. It is true that what has been told to us as a child became our reality. 

Come as you are & more info

The children stay in the group alone. The workshop will take place around the table. The duration of each workshop is -+two hours. The materials for the fun activities are included in the price. If you still don't have the book, don't worry, you may buy it later in the workshop. We will make sure they have fun while doing activities.

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Workshop mission

The workshops have been designed to make children become more self-aware, to find joy in a bright future by replacing their thoughts with the truth about themselves.

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