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About Author

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Faezeh is an artist, a multidisciplinary designer, and the author of Cato’s stores. She realized that all she was searching for in the world was in her. Understanding the truth about who we are, leads us to what we are meant to be in the world. This truth was always with her. But instead of keeping it for herself, she decided to share it with all the children in the world. 

- Faezeh Sha, Author -

About Cato

Cato is a small boy who wants to know who he really is. He has conversations with animals and observes what he hears from them. Every conversation is a glimpse into his thoughts about who he is and what he is able to do. In the end, he finds the truth about himself.

This refers to our children ...

He looks at life in a curious way and at things with wonder. He is aware that he should be alive. He thinks deeply and decides wisely. He is open-minded to change. He is joyful inwardly and happy outwardly. He is friendly.

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